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Touchpoint Medical - elo-cart Universal Patient Monitor Roll Stand


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Introducing the TouchPoint Medical elo-cart: a sleek, mobile solution designed to revolutionize bedside patient care. Engineered for seamless integration with equipment from leading manufacturers like GE, Nihon Kohden, Mindray, and Drager, this roll stand is a game-changer for healthcare professionals. Its compact design not only enhances space efficiency but also promotes closer caregiver-patient interactions.

Why the elo-cart Stands Out:

  • Space-Saving Design: Its small footprint cuts through the clutter, opening up valuable space for more meaningful patient engagement
  • Ease of Movement: Equipped with a stable base and 4 smooth-tracking casters, relocating patient monitors is effortless and secure
  • Quick Access Storage: A fully enclosed bin offers rapid access to leads and accessories, keeping essentials at your fingertips
  • Customized Support: From assessing your needs to providing professional installation and ongoing maintenance, our onsite services ensure the elo-cart perfectly complements your workflow.

Features for Enhanced Usability:

  • Universal plate adaptor for compatibility with various devices
  • Convenient hooks and a plastic basket for organized cable and accessory storage
  • Cable winder and clips to keep everything tidy
  • Easy to maneuver with an ergonomically adjustable design.

Elevate your healthcare delivery with the TouchPoint Medical elo-cart, where functionality meets sophistication.


The wide rear handle allows for gripping in multiple positions, ensuring comfortable and easy maneuverability.  

The shelves on the rollstand are crafted to accommodate a single piece of equipment, strategically placed at the peak of the support column.  

Boasting a depth of 45 mm, serves as the foundational platform for various attachments, allowing for customizable height adjustments.  

Featuring a depth of 150 mm, this serves as the foundational platform for adding attachments, whose height can be adjusted according to preference.  

Designed to accommodate multiple cable loops, this tool organizes and neatly hangs patient leads and cables.  

This holder enables the hanging of sterile-packed, single-use endoscopes on the back of the Rollstand.  

Designed for storing waste containers, cleaning wipes, or gel bottles, which can be positioned at an angle for convenience.  

Available in tiltable versions.  

The universal monitor adapter is available with an optional tilt function for added flexibility.  

Compatible with all monitors, whether they come with or without a mains adapter holder.  

Adapter plates tailored to specific manufacturers for integration with the universal adapter.  

Designed to attach small gas bottles, up to 145 mm in diameter and weighing up to 10 kg, to the back.  

This holder firmly secures the endoscope handpiece, ensuring it does not touch the device's flexible end.  

Crafted to accommodate power packs with a circumference of up to 250 mm and designed for attachment to the column.  

This holder is capable of holding up to 2 ultrasound probes, featuring removable and easy-to-clean plastic inserts.  


  • Installation height: 33 U (1,056 mm)
  • Load capacity: 40 kg
  • Finish, base: RAL 9016 Traffic white powder-coated
  • Finish, support column: Anodised
  • Condition on delivery: Semi-assembled

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