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Free Rider USA FR GDX w/79AH Battery

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Color: Black

The FR GDX by FreeRider USA redefines the concept of a deluxe crossover mobility scooter, merging SUV-like aesthetics with advanced engineering for an unparalleled ride experience. This scooter stands out not just for its impressive appearance but also for its superior performance and comfort, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a reliable and stylish mobility solution, including those living in tiny homes and compact environments.

Key Features

  • Distinctive SUV-like Appearance: The FR GDX elevates the visual appeal of mobility scooters, offering riders the sensation of cruising in a luxury vehicle, which is both empowering and stylish.

  • Double Wishbone Suspension System: This advanced suspension system provides enhanced handling, stability, comfort, and traction. It's designed to offer a smoother ride, improved alignment, and better tunability compared to traditional suspension systems.

  • Longer Rear Swing Arm Benefits:

    • Better Stability: Increases stability by extending the distance between the pivot points of the A-arms, reducing lateral movement and improving wheel alignment during maneuvers.
    • Improved Suspension Travel: Offers more effective absorption of bumps and rough terrain, enhancing ride comfort and minimizing the risk of bottoming out.
    • Enhanced Traction: Keeps tires in optimal contact with the road, improving tire alignment and grip during various driving conditions.
    • Reduced Wear and Tear: Distributes loads more evenly across the suspension, prolonging the lifespan of suspension components and tires, and reducing maintenance needs.

The FR GDX is not only a mobility scooter but a declaration of independence and style, offering a premium ride experience backed by cutting-edge technology. For those interested in the FR GDX or other FreeRider USA models, reaching out to a dealer will provide comprehensive information and support tailored to your mobility needs.


Capacity Up to 500 lbs
Turning Radius 80 inches
Ground Clearance 6.4 inches
Driving Range Up to 55 miles with 110AH battery
Tires 13-inch front and rear pneumatic tires
Equipment - Adjustable swivel captain seat
- Delta Steering
- LED Battery Meter
- Full-length heavy-duty armrests
- 3 Independent braking systems
- Front and rear lights
- 1 front basket, and 2 rear mirrors
Power Features - Front and Rear Suspension
- Regenerative Braking System
- 79 AGM battery; or 110 AH battery
- 24 V8A, 100-240V Offboard charger
- USB Ports on tiller
- Speed adjustment dial
Height Positions - 3 Height Positions
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