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Free Rider USA FR1 City

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The FreeRider FR1 City Mobility Scooter redefines urban commuting with its blend of innovation, style, and eco-conscious mobility. This scooter, designed for the modern city dweller, promises an effortless, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to navigate the urban landscape. Perfect for those living in compact urban environments or tiny homes, the FR1 City offers unparalleled convenience and comfort for daily commutes.

Key Features

  • Sleek and Stylish Design: The FR1 City stands out with its modern aesthetics, making urban commuting not just convenient but also stylish.

  • Halo Day-Time Running Light: Ensures visibility during the day, guiding your path and signaling your presence to pedestrians and vehicles, enhancing safety in busy city streets.

  • Rear Brake Lights with Indicators: Comes standard with rear brake lights and indicators on all sides, providing clear signaling to others on the road and increasing overall safety.

  • Front and Rear Suspension: Offers a smooth ride by absorbing bumps and shocks, ensuring comfort even on longer journeys across uneven city terrain.

  • Adjustable Tiller Angle and Delta Handlebar: Allows for personalized comfort and control, making it easy to find the perfect driving position for any user.

  • Comfortable Seating: Features a well-cushioned seat, ensuring a comfortable ride no matter the distance.

The FreeRider FR1 City Mobility Scooter is more than just a mobility aid; it's a statement of independence and a testament to the possibilities of modern urban living. It offers a practical solution for those seeking to maintain mobility and freedom in the bustling city environment, all while doing so in style and comfort.


Capacity Up to 400 lbs
Seat 18" Comfortable Fishon Seat
Turning Radius 55.5 inches
Ground Clearance 3 inches
Wheels 10 inches
Scooter Weight Without Battery 138 lbs
Equipment - Front LED Lighting
- Swivel Seat
- Adjustable Tiller
- Large Footpad
- Storage Basket
Power Features - Front and Rear Suspension
- Up to 21 Miles Range with [U1] battery
- 3 Rear 3 in 1 Lights
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