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Free Rider USA FR1 Terrain w/50AH

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Color: Metallic Orange

The FR 1 mobility scooter by FreeRider USA revolutionizes personal mobility with a design inspired by the exhilaration of SuperSport cars. This scooter isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's about making a statement with its sporty appearance and embracing the thrill of the ride with unmatched performance. Designed for those who don't want to compromise on power and performance, even in the more constrained environments of tiny homes and compact spaces, the FR 1 is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Key Features

  • Double Wishbone Suspension System: This advanced suspension setup provides numerous benefits, including improved handling, stability, comfort, and traction, mirroring the superior dynamics of a sports car. It ensures a smoother ride, even over challenging terrains.

  • Longer Rear Swing Arm Benefits:

    • Better Stability: By increasing the distance between the pivot points of the A-arms, lateral movement is minimized, ensuring wheels remain more upright during cornering. This translates to reduced body roll and enhanced handling.
    • Improved Suspension Travel: The design accommodates increased suspension travel, effectively absorbing bumps and providing a comfortable ride, minimizing the risk of bottoming out.
    • Enhanced Traction: Keeping tires in optimal contact with the road surface, the system ensures better grip during various maneuvers, thanks to improved tire alignment and contact patch.
    • Reduced Wear and Tear: By distributing loads more evenly across the suspension, the system extends the life of both the suspension components and tires, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

The FR 1 stands as a testament to FreeRider USA's dedication to innovation and quality, offering a mobility solution that exceeds expectations in power, performance, and design. It's an ideal choice for individuals seeking to navigate their world with confidence, style, and the spirit of a SuperSport car.


Capacity Up to 400 lbs
Turning Radius 76 inches
Ground Clearance 6.4 inches
Driving Range Up to 40 miles with optional 79Ah battery
Tires 13-inch front and rear tires
Equipment - Adjustable swivel captain seat
- Delta Steering
- LCD Digital Dashboard
- Full-length heavy-duty armrests
- 3 Height Positions
Power Features - Front and Rear Suspension
- Regenerative Braking System
- 50AGM battery, 79Ah optional
- 24 V8A, 100-240V Offboard charger
Accessories - USB Ports on tiller, baskets & Mirrors
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