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Graham Field - Exam Table

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The Graham Field Examination Table epitomizes versatility and durability in healthcare settings. Designed to cater to the dynamic needs of hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, and other health facilities, this exam table incorporates robust features to enhance the effectiveness of medical examinations and procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Three Pass-Through Drawers & Two Storage Drawers: Optimized for easy access and organization, the pass-through drawers ensure that medical supplies are readily available from either side of the table, while additional storage drawers provide ample space for essential tools and equipment.

  2. Five Position Continuous Lock Stirrups: Offering the most positions in the industry, these stirrups adjust easily for maximum patient comfort and positioning flexibility during examinations.

  3. Pull-Out Leg Rest with Integrated Treatment Tray: This innovative design feature allows for a seamless extension of the leg rest, incorporating an independent treatment tray that remains accessible regardless of the leg rest position.

  4. Durability and Safety: The table is constructed from all-metal materials for the base, ensuring longevity and ease of recycling. It supports a maximum weight capacity of 500 lb (226.80 kg) distributed evenly, making it suitable for a diverse patient demographic.

  5. Finish and Aesthetics: A sleek Powder Coat Finish in 'Foghorn' not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the table’s durability, resisting scratches and wear.

  6. Pelvic Tilt Functionality: This feature allows for enhanced positioning during pelvic examinations, making procedures easier for healthcare professionals and more comfortable for patients.

Optional Features:

  • Integrated Electrical Outlet: Enhance the functionality of your exam room with an optional integrated electrical outlet, ideal for powering medical devices directly from the table.

  • Drawer Warmer: Keep blankets and gels at a comfortable temperature, ready for patient use, which can greatly improve the patient experience during exams.

  • Upholstery Color Options: Customize the look of your exam table with a choice of 24 upholstery colors to match any room décor. Color options are available for download under the "Documents" section to assist in your selection.

As your authorized distributor of Graham Field products, we are pleased not only to present you with this exceptional medical device but also to provide access to the full range of Graham Field products. For personalized inquiries or special requests, we are always at your service—feel free to contact us via live chat, email, or phone!


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