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Tuttnauer EZ9P Fully Automatic Autoclaves with Printer

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Discover the unparalleled ease of the Tuttnauer EZ9P: a closed-door, fully automatic autoclave designed to streamline your sterilization process. "Set it. And forget it." With just one touch, this advanced system automatically handles filling, sterilization, exhaust, and drying, making your workload lighter and simpler. Its intuitive, easy-to-read panel ensures efficient steam penetration and post-vacuum drying, keeping the chamber door securely closed throughout the cycle. Equipped with replaceable 0.2μm Hepa air filters for clean air circulation and customizable program parameters, the EZ9P saves you time and simplifies operation, ensuring your equipment is sterilized and dried swiftly and effectively.


  • Closed Door Drying: Ensures the sterility of your packs and pouches while providing efficient drying, keeping contaminants out and maintaining the integrity of your instruments.

  • High Efficiency Air Pump: A powerful air pump circulates air within the chamber during the drying cycle, enhancing the drying efficiency without compromising sterility.

  • Optional Internal Printing: Offers documentation capabilities for date, time, temperature, and pressure, ensuring traceability and compliance with safety standards.

  • Easy-to-Read Control Panel: Navigate effortlessly with a user-friendly control panel that features program selection, a detailed digital display, programmable keys, and system indicators for streamlined operation.

  • Customizable Programs: Tailor and store program parameters to meet specific sterilization needs, making it adaptable to a variety of instruments and materials.

  • Versatile Sterilization Options: Comes pre-loaded with cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped packs, glassware, and an additional drying cycle to suit diverse sterilization requirements.

This system is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution, designed to streamline and enhance your sterilization process with precision, efficiency, and ease.

Sterilization Programs

A tailored program for each load

Comes with pre-set cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs, glassware, plus an extra drying cycle. Standard unwrapped cycle times: Hot start at 13 minutes, Cold start at 27 minutes.

Note: Cycle durations are estimates and can fluctuate based on the load of instruments.

Data & Software

Print a hard copy of cycle data with an optional built-in printer

Records contain a detailed history of each cycle, including:
  • Date and time
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • System messages and alerts

Technical Specs

Overall Dimensions (DxWxH) 21.5” x 20” x 14.4”
545mm x 510mm x 365mm
Chamber Volume 19 Liter
5 Gallon
Chamber Dimensions 9” x 20” x 18”
230mm x 470mm
Tray Capacity 3 Trays
Tray Dimensions 16.3” x 6.7" x 0.6”
415mm x 170mm x 20mm
Standard Cassette Capacity 2 full & 2 half*
Voltage & Frequency 120V
Power & Current 1400W
Shipping Weight 94 Lbs.
43 Kg.
Warranty 2 years parts and labor


*Standard full size cassette is 8” x 11” and standard half size cassette is 8” x 5.5”.

Tuttnauer complies with the strictest international standards and directives
UL/EN 61010-1
ISO 13485:2003
ISO 9001:2000


Installation of Tabletop Autoclaves

Just the essential installation steps.

For units with a Microprocessor version # ending in WP (the version # is displayed on the screen each time the unit is turned on).

  1. Place unit on a sturdy level counter.
  2. Fill the Reservoir with distilled water
  3. The unit is ready to operate

To Adjust the Filling Time:

  1. Press the STOP Key repeatedly until the message “Code:xxx” appears.
  2. Using the UP/DN arrow keys change the code to 105, then press the STOP Key.
  3. A message will be displayed saying “Water in = xx sec”
  4. Using the UP/DN arrow keys change the seconds according to the following:
    • EZ9 = 30 sec
    • EZ10 = 35 sec
    • 3870EK = 65 sec
    Now press the STOP Key
  5. On some older units the message “Ea Type:” will appear,using the UP/DN arrow keys select either “0” for an E or EK type unit or “1” for an EA or EKA type unit.
  6. Press the STOP Key to finish
  7. The unit is ready to operate

For units with a Microprocessor version # NOT ending in WP

  1. Follow steps 1–5 for Manual Units above,then empty the water from the chamber and check the automatic water fill.
  2. Turn the unit on
  3. With the door open press and hold the door switch,then press the start button. When water starts flowing release the door switch.
  4. Water should come up to the same spot as the measured amount had.
  5. If need be adjust the automatic fill using the following procedure.

To Adjust the Automatic Filling:

  1. While leaving the door open turn power off.
  2. Press and hold the Manual Water Fill Button (this is the button with the two arrows).
  3. Turn the power back on
  4. When the normal display screen appears release the fill button –immediately press it in again and monitor the water flow
  5. Continue to hold the button until water reaches groove at front –then release button – wait ten seconds – the unit is reprogrammed.


Operating Manual

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