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Tuttnauer PLAZMAX050-M-BM PLAZMAX P50 Bundle

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Introducing the PlazMax Sterilizer, embodying smart design and cutting-edge technology for efficient and effective sterile processing. Ideal for small operating rooms or expansive Sterile Processing Departments (SPD), the PlazMax offers a state-of-the-art solution to meet the rigorous demands of modern healthcare environments.

Key Features

  • Thermal Printer and USB Port: Enables easy printing of cycle information and facilitates data downloading, with a real-time graphical display of cycle parameters for comprehensive monitoring.

  • Aluminium Chamber: Constructed from aviation-grade aluminum to ensure homogeneous temperature distribution, leading to more effective sterilization processes.

  • Non-toxic H2O2 Sterilization: Utilizes a green sterilizing agent, hydrogen peroxide, which prevents toxic emissions, leaving no toxic residues behind—only water and oxygen.

  • Advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI): Features a sophisticated touch screen with a multi-color display for intuitive control and enhanced user interaction.

  • Stainless-Steel Panels: The sterilizer is encased in highly durable stainless-steel panels that resist discoloration and are easily cleaned, ensuring longevity and maintaining hygiene standards.

  • Vertical Sliding Door: Offers multiple model configurations including manual or vertical sliding doors, with single or double door options, and a handsfree opening device for convenience and efficiency.

The PlazMax Sterilizer combines functionality with environmental consciousness, offering an advanced sterilization solution that is both efficient and sustainable, making it a smart choice for any healthcare setting prioritizing safety, cleanliness, and innovation.

Sterilization Programs

Sterilization cycles and test programs

The PlazMax Line offers regular sterilization cycles for non-hollow loads, advanced sterilization cycles for hollow loads and a unique endoscope cycle. A penetration test and a leakage test are also available.

Sterilization Cycles

Model Normal Cycle (Non-hollow loads) Advanced Cycle (Hollow loads) Endoscope*
P50 35 min. 40 min. 32 min.

Test Cycles
Test Cycles Description
Test I Penetration Test
Test II Leakage Test

Data & Software

Your data, where you need it

The PlazMax line gives you easy access to its cycle data. Via USB, Ethernet or printer.
  • A bright multicolor LCD panel with multi-color display
  • Multiple access levels for added security
  • Generate PDF reports with graphs and tables using optional R.PC.R Software.
  • USB and Ethernet Ports
  • Tracking equipment and maintenance notifications

Technical Specs

Chamber Volume 47 Liter
External Dimensions (WxHxD/D 2-doors) inch 27.6 x 60.1 x 28.7 / 28.9
No. of Baskets (WxD) inch 1 (15.7 x 23.6)
Power (W) - Current (A) 3100 W - 13.5 A
Voltage (V) 3-Phase 50-60 Hz 230 V


  • Tuttnauer PLAZMAX050-M-BM Plasma Sterilizer 50L
  • Tuttnauer PLZ094-0049 H2O2 Sterilizing Agent
  • Tuttnauer PLZ094-0048 PCD LUMEN KIT
  • Tuttnauer WTL198-0057 MiniBio Incubator
  • Tuttnauer WTL198-0067 Super Rapid Biological Indicators
  • Tuttnauer PLZ198-0002 Process Challenge Chemical Indicators
  • Tuttnauer PLZ198-0003 Process Indicator – Self-Adhesive Tape



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